Samoa’s Eco Cultural Adventure Tours

Lalotalie ECAT Ventures – Samoa’s best kept secret
What does ECAT stand for? – Eco Cultural Adventure Tourism.
And what does that mean? Simply … untouched, untouched, untouched tourism!

Lalotalie is pioneering the unique combination of Eco-Cultural Adventure Tourism (ECAT) in Samoa, by encompassing the three cores of ‘real and raw’ hospitality: conserving the natural beauty of Faleaseéla/Matafaá’s environmental attractions, preserving local village life and traditions and promoting healthy, life-changing adventure within the ever-present essence of FaáSamoa (the way the Samoans pray, think and do.)


Group Tours and Accommodation

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Join Our Famous Waterfall Hike

Allow our local guides to take you to explore the rainforest, waterfalls and secluded beaches where only a few adventure seekers go. Lalotalie features include the premier waterfall hike in Samoa, possibly the Pacific – JUMP, CLIMB, go BEHIND, go DOWN and AROUND 16 small, bigger and HIGHEST waterfalls! To be conquered or to be merely admired, that’s the question. Guiding you through safely is our utmost priority. Be wild at heart and expect the unexpected!


Looking to Relax and Unwind?

Visit us at our riverside piece of paradise and you will experience ancient Polynesian culture living out traditions of times gone past in a pristine environment. Lalotalie literally means under the Talie tree a wide, circular, umbrella shaped leafy tree providing a shady place and shelter from the sun and rain. A quiet place to meet, rest, eat, drink and sleep.


What Our Visitors Have to Say

“Your whole family is incredible. Thank you for the welcome of a lifetime. I will remember your hospitality and life forever.” Mariah Nogueira CA, USA

From our visitor’s book:
“Thanks Jane and Olsen for this amazing stay. I really enjoyed my time here. Great cook, Jane – wonderful food. Beautiful surroundings and garden. And Olsen I learnt a lot about Samoa from our talks. Waterfall trip was unforgettable! keep it as it is – sheer beauty.”
Zane Williams, Auckland, NZ


Come Stay with Our Family

Stay with our family in traditional Samoan fales next to the famed Liua le Vai o Sina River and be spoiled with a mixture of Samoan and Western style food using fresh local organic ingredients as much as possible.


Raw, Authentic Beauty

“The natural beauty which must be preserved for current and
future generations, Samoa, as we expect it to be.”
Armstrong Alexis, The Carribean Islands



  • Tree planting
  • Village conservation projects
  • Organic fruit and vege gardens and plantations
  • Exploring the mangrove forest at Lefaga Bay by paopao (outrigger canoe)


  • Kava ceremony – meet the matais and be officially welcomed into the village as part of an age old ceremony (for larger groups/schools)
  • Making coconut cream
  • Demonstration of making koko Samoa (Samoan cocoa)
  • Learning to weave with coconut fronds
  • Exploring our organic plantation
  • Attending church to listen to angelic choirs
  • Opportunities to be immersed in village activities
  • Preparing food and making a traditional Samoan umu
  • Husking coconuts
  • Try your hand at working in the plantation


  • Waterfall and rainforest hike
  • Coastal adventure hike
  • Paopao (outrigger canoe) rides


  • School groups
  • Missions teams
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Honeymoon packages

Our Guarantee

We take pride in our family business, and offer our personal, money-back guarantee that you will be satisfied with your eco cultural adventure experience.


Special Offer

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